VGTU Career Days 2018 | Activate TECHNOgene

By | Mar 20, 2018 |

This year Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) career days had a special motto – „Activate TECHNOgene”, so, it’s not surprising main focus was on technologies-based opportunities for both VGTU students and business companies.
VGTU is second largest University in Lithuania, mostly students study here sciences of various technologies, not least place takes IT. This year event attracted more than hundred international and local business companies and organizations fallowed by crowd of students. On the first direction, “Valuetech Group” presented jobs and internship opportunities for students, starting from Enterprise Web Applications development to R&D projects based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis. On the second direction, “Valuetech Group” had dozens of meetups and conversations with other companies, exchanged best practices in software development, as well as discussed about possibilities on future cooperation.
During special business breakfast before the event “Valuetech Group” had a chance to get more familiar with VGTU academic community leaders, as well as with colleagues from business side.

At our stand, students were eager to know more about “Valuetech Group”, what software development technologies do we use, what tools and standards we apply in our day to day activities, local or international internship and job opportunities. We glad, that we had chances speak to huge number of visitors starting from academic community (students and professors) to business colleague from very different domains. The significant part of participated companies been from IT sector, especially Software development field, these companies starting from biggest banks in North Europe (nowadays, modern banks are considered as IT companies for sure), to telecommunications firms and other different domains including public administration and other.
We glad that after an event much more students and companies are familiar about “Valuetech Group” history and internal culture, working fields, technologies we use, but most important what we are best at software solutions we produce. Both, local and foreign students were interested in internship and job opportunities and it’s even more important we have what to offer to them. We believe this event was valuable for all kind of aspects: for students to realize new opportunities, for our new business colleagues and for us, of course as well, not only for good vibes we shared and got, but also for wider networking that let us to build future bridges among new acquaintances.

For more pictures, please click on link VGTU Career Days 2018 Facebook photo library.