Professional Day Reggio Calabria 23-24/11/2017

By | Dec 07, 2017 |

In the beautiful scenography of Reggio Calabria, famous for Riace bronzes, on last 23rd and 24th November, with the event “Professional Day”, an important opportunity has been given to young graduates and undergraduates of the University of Reggio Calabria to meet companies that took part to the event and to take the first step in the work world.

Valuetech Group believes so much in youngs potentiality. That’s why it gives importance to this kind of events, because they enlarge its horizons with a look to the future!

The Professional Day took place in the context of “Salone dell’orientamento” with a high participation of young people and companies belonging to different sectors.
It was exciting, as always in these cases, to feel the sensations, the energy and the spontaneity of the guys who wanted to know us.
Also interesting and stimulating was the ideas exchange with the other companies present at the event.

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