ASSD project

The project idea

The project, synthesized with the acronym ASSD, which means social driven semantic accelerators for the generation of global tourist itineraries, involves research and development activities with the aim of realizing and experimenting the prototype of a mobile application and a web-application in Italian and English languages capable of self-generating tourist itineraries. Therefore, real paths will be proposed with detailed information on how (su come) to reach certain points of interest located on the Calabrian territory, designed in an intelligent way, that is considering the preferences, tastes and profile of the platform users, obtained through the social media monitoring. These itineraries will also be accessible to users with the help of an innovative conversational tool, such as the multilingual chat-bot (Italian, English, Chinese).

The objectives

The goal of the project is to focus on innovation measures in attracting tourists and reinforcing their loyalty in order to boost the development of the tourism sector in Calabria.

The purpose in terms of promoting the area is to increase the flow of tourists to less known places and points of interest, focusing on experience-based and proximity tourism, from the coasts to cultural goods and attractions also in less explored areas and to create new experiential and cognitive paths through the use of digital technologies and applications.

The expected results

The longer-term goal is the development of the prototype for the achievement an industrialized and marketable product, applicable in different and international glocal contexts.